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Beauty Review: Chanel 2011 summer nail polish Morning Rose

Chanel's "Morning Rose" in all it's glory!

"Chanel's" Morning Rose

"Morning Rose" with A hint of glitter!
He girls, 
So it's all about summer and what good would summer be without "Chanel's "Morning Rose" Le Vernis summer nail polish!  Chanel definitely got it right this time with this Rosy, pale but glittery color, a delightful treat for any "Chanel" fanatic!  Beauty tips are so important especially for summer when you want to be in with all of the "summer trends"!  This color will bring you there, although a little disappointing with the lack of glitter that shows up in this color, but after doing the video below,  I've gained great respect for sunlight as it does 'Morning Rose" tremendous justice, lots of sparkle and shine!  Don't take my word for it girls, try it out for yourself,  and for the ney Sayers, view the video, then run out and get it!  Better hurry girls, cause if you know "Chanel's" nail colors like I do, you won't be able to get your hands on this collection when summer starts!  thanks again girls, enjoy the video, and see ya back here real soon..... 


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