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makeup review: ELF's Bright Eye Makeup Palette what do you think?

Hey girls, You're just going to love this review on "ELF'S Bright Eye Makeup Palette with it's vibrant colors, long lasting wear and it's affordable price, it can't be beat! View the video to hear about the unbelievable price and where you can pick up this "recession" proof palette! See ya back here real soon....

Recession dressing: How to buy designer clothes in a recession!

Hey girls, Have I got some good information for you today!  You'll be glad you stopped in!  Let me start off by saying, this "Recession" has literally kick our ###'s!  Everything from high gas prices that seem to go up everyday to accelerating grocery bills, it seems like a never-ending , "BAD" soap opera!  For those of us who have to stay in fashion during this recession, there is still hope!  After watching the video, be sure to click the link below to find out where on earth a "Fashionista" can go to find designer fashion that are   "Recession proof" for the savvy buyer!  Enjoy the video and " see ya back here real soon".....  Click here if you are a Savvy "Fashionista"

The triple threat: Revlon's Photoready foundation, ColorStay Aqua & Finis...

Hey girls, Check out this triple threat!  "Revlon's" PhotoReady  foundation, ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup & " Revlon's " ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder, what a wonderful combination! Watch the video and you'll wonder how you ever lived without this threesome! See ya back here real soon...

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Hey girls, Dying to make this my "theme" song for the site! let me know what you think! See ya back here real soon!

Makeup Review: How To Get Free" Chanel" cosmetics & beauty products!

Hey girls, Just sharing a secret or 2 with you on how you too can get beauty & makeup products for free! Watch the video and let your voice be heard by leaving your comments or go ahead and try out the secret! Let me know what your results were and I will share them with my viewers. Shoot me an email at: and be sure to tune in for my next video on " recession dressing" where I will show you how to get your look for less!. See ya back here soon....

makeup review: Revlon colorstay aqua mineral makeup why you ask?

Hey girls,  Todays review is on a fantastic mineral makeup you've got to go out and buy! It's "Revlon ColorStay Aqua mineral" makeup and it goes on  fresh  and  clean  like a dive in the  DEEP  blue sea! I took my powder brush, swirled it around in the  "Aqua" , and what a refreshing feeling it was! This product can be purchase at any drug or "Target" department store and the price is very affordable. Leave me your comments on your experience with this cool, fresh mineral base makeup and I'll post it to my blog! See you back her real soon!

10 Sexy Smoky Eye Looks-Angelina Jolie - Beauty Trends and News -

Hey girls, We all know Angelina Jolie is known for her dramatic roles in some of today's top films, but Angelina also loves her " dramatic eye makeup " and  has women all over the world desperately seeking her " Smoky eye " look!  Well ladies, I feel you all deserve to get the inside scoop- beauty tips.. and makeup tricks  on how you too can have Angelina Jolie's smokey eye look! OK! TV - Get Angelina Jolie's smoky eye look on MUZU . Get Angelina Jolie's smoky eye look 10 Sexy Smoky Eye Looks - Beauty Trends and News -

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

New Viva Glam Lipstick by MAC