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Rimmel London lipsticks "Temptation" VS "Metallic Seduction" which color would you choose?

Which do you like best?

Hey girls,
Can you say "OMG", I AM IN LOVE WITH "Rimmel london's" new lasting finish lipsticks and the hot competition going on between these "vivacious", lustering colours!  First there's "Temptation" which has just the right amount of brilliant red that exudes sexiness on every level, va... va... voom!  And next, the soft  sheen that is "Metallic Seduction"!  This color absolutely makes me beam with it's touch of shimmer and mood changing glow, it is sure to be the favorite of any girl who craves illusion and mystic!
"Rimmel" has definitely out done themselves this time with these two beauties that I think I'll just love them both... not much of an decsion maker anyway!  So girls, if you want to give either of these colors a try, you can find them at your local "Target", CVS or 'Walgreens" for a sweet price of $7.99 but be careful not to eat them because "Rimmel" has impressed us all with it's "candy" smell added to each lip color, "deee-lish"!  Let me know which color you like best by dropping me a comment just below.  You are certainly welcome for this long awaited review!  See ya back here real soon....
Rimmel's" Metallic Sedeuction How it goes on!" 

Rimmel's Metallic Seduction"

My favorite "Temptation" With E.L.F 's super glossy lipgloss on top!

"Feels good at the age of 43 to still be playing around with makeup"!

"They both have get my vote", kisses!

Hey Girls,
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