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Beauty Tips: How To Look 10 Years Younger

"How I Stay Looking Young At The Age Of  43yrs." Hey Girls, At the age of 43 you might think that the signs of aging would be very apparent, fine lines, wrinkles  and loss of  elasticity in the skin , well, I am very proud to say that none of these have occurred as of yet and I guess I have my genes to thank for that but the other part is easier than you think.  There are a few daily routines that I follow, and not to say that this will work for everyone, but it will slow down the hands of time and keep away those "crows feet" we all hate to admit we have!  here are just a few suggestions: 1.  Drink lots of water daily !  This step will keep your skin looking radiant if you can get in the suggested 8 12oz glasses a day. it's all good! 2.  Stay away from those UV's!   The sun is so, so damaging to the skin it hurts!  Experts say that overexposure to the sun is the leading cause of aging in women.  It increasing the amount of age spots, and also is the

Makeup That Can Make You Look Thinner

" Slim Your Face With These Makeup Tricks"  

Elizabeth Taylor A Life Full Of Passion & White Diamonds

" Elizabeth Taylor" White Diamonds Hey girls, With this "Elizabeth Taylor's passing, one can only hope that her legacy will continue to live on through her fragrances .  But how long do you actually have before you can find these items?  Although sad but true, these fragrances will be very hard to get your hands on because prices will sore through the roof!  Here are some tips on where you can find these soon to be extinct perfumes ( White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.3-Ounce ) and which stores will be the most likely to carry them.   Try your local drugstores first!   You will definitely find " Passion" & White Diamonds there because they buy these items in bulk and if you act this week, you will be able to buy them on sale!  Target, walmart & Kmart are other places that you Will find these items, but don't wait past this week because someone like me who is savvy will go and buy them all!  And fina

How To Get A Flawless Face Using These Foundation Makeup Tips

"Covergirl Naturelex Silk Foundation" Hey Girls, This stuff actual does feel like silk when applied and the best thing about it is the price as well as the phenomenal coverage it gives! You can pick up "Covergirl's" Nautureluxe Silk Foundation here under $10. Hope you enjoyed the video and see ya back here real soon....

How To Get Rid Of Dark Cirlces & Bags Under The Eyes

Sweepstakes Giveaway Enter And Win a Cool Makeup Compact!

Win a Cool Makeup Compact!

Makeup 101: How To Apply Wedding Day Makeup & Look Flawless!

"Get A Flawless Wedding Day Look!" Hey girls, Want to look stunning on your wedding day or maybe even try and do it yourself?  Well this video makes that dream come true with some clever makeup tips, a few snazzy beauty tools  and very little know how. Watch the video and get the look you know you deserve on that special day!

Chanel Les Fleurs 2011 Le Vernis Nail Polish collection & When You Can Get It!

What on earth is in that bag? It's "Chanel's 2011 Le Vernis Summer Nail Collection! "Chanel"  Beige Petale" Like a soft rose  "Chanel"Morning Rose My Favorite! "Chanel" Mimosa This will be go fast! Hey girls, I hope you are enjoying the view!  These hot 2011 "Chanel"   Les Fleurs summer Le Vernis nail   colors will fly off the shelves and I have the inside scoop on when you can expect them in stores and where to go to get them first!  So let's have coffee together, ( I'm ready for your comments) you know I prefer "Starbucks" and a double shot is all I'll need to tell you everything you'll need to know!  So I'll see you inside, I"ll be the one with her hands over her mouth waiting to explode with this exciting information! (Be sure to checkout the video!) CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THE HOMEPAGE FOR THE CHANEL GIVEAWAY!

Deal Of The Day: Sigma Beauty Free Gift!

Hey girls, This "Deal Of The Day" will definitely have you jumping for joy with it's "break-through products and affordable prices! The line is called "Sigma" and they have some really cool makeup brushes that are very durable for the price and makeup tips on their website on how to properly clean them.  They also have some really unique beauty items that can only be purchased online, products that have never been seen before and are well worth the click!  So just lightly tap the picture or the link below to find out how to get your free gift!  You'll be glad you did!  That's my " Deal Of The Day"  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya back here real soon...  See more Hot "Sigma" products here

Recession Proof Beauty Items Under $10

Hey girls, so you loved the article and video on "Recession dressing" and you've asked for more, well here you go!  I will also provide links to where you can get these must-have beauty items for under $10 at the bottom of the video.  What a great value and prudent information in these economically challenged times!  Watch the video and see ya back here real soon.... Method Body Wash The Healing Garden Bamboo Body Scrub Pure & Natural Products