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Jeffree Star's "Blue Blood Palette" Makeup Review Video

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Jeffree Star loves Style And Just doesn't Give A Damn!

We Just love Jeffree Star's style!  From the best Makeup tips, to his new makeup palette "Blue Blood" success seems to follow her everywhere she goes.  It's know wonder why this quote fits her to the "T"!  So go girls, and as Jeffree would say "BE YOURSELF"!
Jeffree Star loves Style And Just doesn't Give A Damn!

Jeffree star Cosmetics Review on Morphe x & New E.L.F. Makeup Line

Jeffree star willl shock you with this review on E.L.F.'s new makeup reveal of the 16 hour cam concealer as well as E.L.F.'s Jelly highlighter and Alway's Cheeky infused blush. Follow her speechless on her surprise visit to Ulta beauty stores where her new line was released today March 9, 2019. You won't believe fans reaction! By the way, this makeup is giving me soo much life!  Be sure to check-out the full line for E.L.F.'s new makeup which Jeffree gives his opinion on what to buy and what you should definitely pass on! Let us know down below about the must haves in this new line you just can't live without and be sure to check back with us for the full line soon to be offered here. Be sure to like us on Facebook @ Makeup And Beauty Videos and get your "Free" Makeup brushes here:

Disney Parks Rose gold Loungefly Fashion Backpack found!

Happy 4th of July from #MAKEUPANDBEAUTYVIDEOS! Disney's rose gold loungefly backpack is all the craz and i've got mine!!! Sold-out everywhere but went out venturing to Disney on the 4th of July and look what I found!!  this is Disney's hottest item of the year and you will be hard press to find it.  The Disney app for this item will continuously give false information on this product as they want only their guest to be able to get one before the scalpers do and rightly so!  If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on this bag, DO NOT LET GO!  Word has it that this item may not be available throughout the year so if you are making your way out to Disney, be sure to get your!  I am a Disney passholder and have daily access to the parks.  Feel free to subscribe and message me if you are interested in purchasing this item.  Disney has also come out with the matching rose gold wallet as well as the rose gold ear hat released last year .Enjoy the video and feel free to shar…

How To Look Like Barbie With These MAC Cosmetics

Hello again from Makeup And Beauty Videos, Thought I would re-post my article from my "Make up-for-Makeup" blog as apparently lots of you "Barbs" out there want to get the "BARBIE" LOOK! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PRODUCT LINKS AS WELL (just hover over any photo to look for the "Barbie" products mentioned in the video), where you will find some pretty "AWESOME" Barbie items as Barbie Make-up is getting harder and harder to find! Enjoy the photos and videos and be leave a comment or 2 on any new Barbie products that you may know, where you found it,and how much you love it! Make-up for Make-up: Make up Tips: How Look Like Barbie With MAC Cosmetics

How to get rid of a Yeast infection with these products: Health & Beauty tip of the week

Hello again from Makeup And Beauty Videos, We all have had then; some of us more often than others but no one has really given us concrete information on how to be rid of A YEAST INFECTION and do it ourselves. This video is so helpful yet almost unbelievable that you will probably be in total disbelief! Girls, anything that we can do ourselves that does not required a complicated handbook is worth looking into DON'T YOU THINK? Be sure to watch the video in it's entirety and start a conversation about your own methods that you may have tried that work as well! Post all information in the "COMMENT" section below. Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and let's chat, I will reply back. Be sure to check out the link below as this is what I have found that will "GET RID OF THAT YEAST INFECTION FOREVER" and it really works!Click Here!

Hair Extensions And The Stars Who Wear Them!

Article By: Vera Willis/CEO Makeup And Beauty Videos

Hey Girls, Now that I've got your attention, let me explain to you how huge "Hair Extensions" have become, who's wearing them and best of all where you can go to purchase these "Lock"s and look FAB just like the famous!  First, let me start off by saying that if I had gods money, I definitely would invest in hair just because, the number of yearly sales on these strands are mind boggling!  No wonder  the stars themselves spare no expense on- top- of  having major investments in the products itself... as if they didn't already have enough mo-la!  Take "Jessica Simpson" for example!   Her ingenious idea to start a hair extension business called "Hairdo" was the smartest move she's ever- made since divorcing " Nick Lachey" Ha, Ha!  Her company alone is pulling in millions!  She must-a googled "hair extensions" and saw the possibilities!  So, let's start of…