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Prom Tips: How to Do Your Make up For Prom By: Vera Willis/MBV

Get the perfect "Prom look" that's right for you! Article by: Vera Willis/CEO Makeup And Beauty Videos Hey girls, It's that time again, "Prom"!  What to wear,  how to do your hair and most of all,  how in the world are your going to do your make-up!  A lot of work for you young beauty queens out there... well I'm  here to help!   Here's  more" tips on beauty" to help make you a hit on one of the most important milestones in your life.! This video will help you with makeup tips on how to get the perfect "Prom look" that will knock him off of his feet!  Enjoy the video, post a comment and see ya back here real soon.... Be sure to click here for more prom & dating tips! Click Here!

Tips For Beauty: How To Exfoliate Your Face At Home

Hey girls, So you want the best "tips on beauty" , well you can to the right place. Make up And Beauty Videos has put together this super great make up tutorial on "How To Exfoliate Your Skin At Home", beauty tricks that anyone can do! I do believe that it is important for you guys to visualize as well as read these must-know health and beauty facts, so here's a little help! Sit back and enjoy the video and i'll see ya back here real soon.... TO GET THE EXFOLIATING BRUSH SHOWN IN THE VIDEO CLICK HERE!

Beauty tips: How to Do Your Face In Minutes

Article by: Vera Willis/CEO Makeup And Beauty Videos Hey girls, So you have to get to work in less than 30 minutes and you need some good makeup tips on how to do your face in the shortest time possible?  Give this video a click to get the job done without missing a beat or better yet, being late for work!  These tips really work, so be sure to pass this one around, your friends will thank you later!