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Summer Trends 2011: How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger Like Angelina Jolie

5 Summer Makeup Trends For 2011

Beauty Review: Chanel 2011 summer nail polish Morning Rose

He girls,  So it's all about summer and what good would summer be without "Chanel's "Morning Rose" Le Vernis summer nail polish!  Chanel definitely got it right this time with this Rosy, pale but glittery color, a delightful treat for any "Chanel" fanatic!  Beauty tips are so important especially for summer when you want to be in with all of the "summer trends"!  This color will bring you there, although a little disappointing with the lack of glitter that shows up in this color, but after doing the video below,  I've gained great respect for sunlight as it does 'Morning Rose" tremendous justice, lots of sparkle and shine!  Don't take my word for it girls, try it out for yourself,  and for the ney Sayers, view the video, then run out and get it!  Better hurry girls, cause if you know "Chanel's" nail colors like I do, you won't be able to get your hands on this collection when summer starts!  thanks again girl…

Chanel's 2011 Summer Nail Polish Collection I've got Mine!

Hey girls, Makeup and beauty videos brings to you Chanel's 2011 summer Le Vernis Nail collection in all it's vibrant colors:  Morning Rose, Beige Petale, and my personal favorite, "Mimosa"!  This collection is available at all major Beauty counters including, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, & Saks Fifth Ave!  Although it may not show online at these department store websites, if you call their 800 number and ask for these colors, you will be able to order them.  Here's to your summer girls,  major beautytrends like these only come along once in a lifetime so be sure to treat yourself at get them while you can!  Chanel Le Vernis nail polish cost about $25 per bottle and don't forget to ask for your free samples when you order!  Until next time girls....

Chanel's 2011 Summer Nail Polish Collection is here!

Hey girls,  you know i can't keep a secret, especially one that pertains to beauty!  Someone let the cat out of the bag a few days early so I could tell you guys where you can find "Chanel's 2011 Summer Nail polish collection which includes:  "Mimosa", Morning Rose, and Beige Petale"!  check out the video and you will find the answer that will complete your summer and bring out the nail "Diva" in you!  Enjoy and see ya back here real soon....

How To Cover Facial Scars With Makeup

Article by: Vera Willis CEO/Makeup And Beauty Videos
Hey Girls, Well we all know that skin care is the secret to beauty and perfect skin seems like a must for some that are in the lime light all of the time.  Take Halle Berry, who suffered a gash to the head in a car accident which required 20 stitches, has struggled to keep here skin looking superb with the best cover up makeups around and succeeded very well!  But if we, the everyday beauties of the world, don't have the same knowledge to certain beauty tips and makeup tricks, we will be left behind in the dust, using the wrong concealers and beauty products to cover up those unthinkable facial scars & blemishes.  So here's to you girls, a beauty video that will help you cover up the fears literally and have you looking like the stars in no time.  Enjoy the video girls!

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E.L.F's New Summer Ready Nail Polish Collection goes on like Chanel nail Polish