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Deal Of The Day: Laura Mercier On-The-Go Beauty In A Bag!

"Laura Mercier" Beauty In A Bag!
Hey Girls,
Have I got the "Deal Of The Day" for  You!  You guys have been asking for this post and as always, I delivered!  Well, let's get right to it!  It is "Laura Mercier's  Exclusive "Beauty In A Bag"!  This 7-piece collection includes a "Baked Eye Colour in limited edition Aquamarine, a skin Cheek Colour in sun soaked Bronze, Lip Glac'e in Coral Diamond, 1.0 fl. oz Mini Foundation Primer, Mini Full blown Volume Lash Building Mascara, Double-Ended Eye Colour/Cre'me Eye Detail Brush, a look Card with application tips and a chic portable cosmetics bag, a $163 value for only $68 and you can only get it here: "Beauty In A Bag"

And that's my Deal of the day girls!  So Run and don't trip on your way to get this steal of a deal!  Be sure to sign-up through my subscription link where you can receive daily email alerts for all "Deals Of The Day" and more!  See you back here real soon.....  


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