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Chanel's 2011 Byzantine Makeup Palette Find out who will have it!

Hey girls,
It's me again with that "must-have" information that everyone wishes they knew:" which Chanel boutique's will have the new limited edition of only 1500 "Byzantines de Chanel Lumie'res Makeup palette coming out in June 2011"!  Well the inside scoop about this palette is that, if you can afford to spend a whooping $250 on a  single makeup item and want it badly, then you will be able to find one of the only 5 boutiques here in the U.S that will carry this item, hint, hint!  Peter Phillips the Director of makeup for "Chanel" surely got it right with this this collector's piece because at this price, that's exactly what it is!  This makeup palette has beautiful golden shimmery colors that are cream based and will go on you brow, checks or any part of your face you want to shine like the Byzantine sun!  It's summer girls and you know these colors will glow lovely against your summer tans, but will you use this expensive palette if you bought it?  I probably wouldn't dare!  To those of you who can and will splurge for it, kudos to you!  Be sure and view my video below which I personally made with the help of "stupeflix" and leave a comment or  two and if you ask me which boutique's might have this palette, You can bet I'll give up one of them! Check back in the middle of May where I will show more of this Palette and show what the colors look like on!  Enjoy the video and I'll see ya back here real soon.... 


  1. where will it be available?

  2. Hey Taunya,
    Good question! They have already started taking pre-orders for this item at some of the boutiques but the launch date is set for June 2011. You will probably be told that they are already sold-out but don't let that discourage you,! If you really want one, check the Chanel boutique at the Wynn Hotel in Las VeGas! Let me know if you get one and maybe you can do a guest post on how it felt to spring for this ONE- OF A -KIND Palatte! Look forward to hearing back from you...


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